Surrender and Release all Your Stress!

Yoga is an age old system developed to nourish and release the nervous system.  All of our daily operations require the engagement of our nervous system.  It often gets over-used and then it pulls in tight in attempt to slow and shut the body down for rest. We aren’t that good at acknowledging that rest is important and wee consider rest as doing nothing.  The body never stops and does nothing as such and neither do we.  Rest is the opportunity for the nervous system to recover from the impact of our lives and all the duties that it has to perform. The nervous system governs everything and such a simple change such as eating and drinking clean can take enormous pressure off the nervous system. In a 1:1 yoga experience you will gain knowledge from this ancient system that can be applied directly to you and your life.  Yoga was intended to be taught 1:1 and not diluted into a class situation. Try a class for FREE and see if it is for you….I think you will surprise yourself at how important this type of connection and work actually is.