Why do we make the nutritional choices that we do?

Most of our decision making process regarding what is healthy, is based on the information that is circulating through media and the general population.

The hard truth is that while we are following what is right for another persons’ body, we are rarely make informed decisions about what our individual body requires.

The most simple way to explain it is to consider the process of combustion in a motor vehicle.  This is the process that produces energy to power the vehicle.

Although we have a much more complex process within our digestive system, we burn fuel to create energy for valuable life processes.

Consider this: How would a Mercedes engine operate if it were fuelled and driven like a Jeep? It would be a very expensive mistake and it simply would ruin the motor!

The issues that occur within our body are because when we fuel it, we ignore the individual design.  We have a unique design and the solution is to determine what our body requires on an individual basis and to fuel it correctly.

Our underpinning philosophy is to honour each person on an individual basis. We assess and prescribe the correct measures to support and assist individuals to build health, according to their own magnificent design!

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