The main focus for most people is to attempt to find ways to alleviate distress in order to relieve symptoms of pain within their body and lives. This falls along the line of thinking, that once this is removed then ultimately we will become pain-free and therefore become happier.

We agree with this way of thinking to a certain degree but the treatment for distress and pain is not necessarily in the treatment of the symptom. We have discovered that the cause for all pain and unease is actually in the gap of resistance that we place between our current state and our natural and completely accessible state of wellbeing.

Well being is the natural order of the universe and once we remove our resistance to that which holds us back from being well then we will inevitably move closer to a place of wellbeing.

At Steven May we provide you with the ongoing support and education so that you may work at removing the resistance towards wellbeing. We help you to discover and take the appropriate steps towards a pain free existence and ultimately a state of wellbeing.


Steve has been operating as Rehabilitation Specialist and Sports Therapist to Australia’s Olympic level athletes and Professional athletes for over 15 years.Whether you may be striving as an elite level athlete or simply after some sound advice on how to best manage your body, he can help assist you in your return to health.

Steve treats from a strong background in human movement and through this he has developed an exceptional ability to treat the cause of an issue, providing long-term benefits and ongoing pain relief.

We know that Steve can help you return to health and develop the skills to perform at your best, alleviating pain and preventing the reoccurrence of injury.



Steve is friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping clients get back to their full potential. Highly recommended!

Mark Smith

Had an amazing massage from Steve. Definitely worth checking this guy out!

Lee Zanderz

Shoulder is great, 100kg incline bench with no discomfort at all!

John Stokes

A very wholistic approach to health and balance. Professional and friendly service. Steve is very kind and great for a chat too!!!

Candice Hill

The best deep tissue massages I have ever had. Very comfortable atmosphere and a caring person who gets to know your issues/tissues

Allen Ostafie

Steve has hugely benefited my life! Since seeing Steve, I have felt way more balanced and grounded. I was really impressed with Steve’s many skill-sets and the wide range of services he offers.


I feel AMAZING today. I didn’t get one single tinge of pain anywhere on my body. I’m 100% flabbergasted. You went above and beyond yesterday and I just want to shout it from the rooftops. I really appreciate you taking the time. I feel like you really listened to my body like I’ve never experienced before. I feel like a new woman!!

Thank you so much!! I will definitely be back!

Aubrey Barnett

It’s great to see a male instructor with this much skill and knowledge.  Steve really knows how to help you improve health and overall well-being through years of experience and education.

Amie Jenkinson

Very friendly and professional service. A great massage every time & I walk away feeling like I’ve been thoroughly worked over. My monthly visits have helped reduce headaches & I’m running better and longer than ever before. Thank you Steven!!

Donnie Griese